Boulder Psychotherapist, Shelly Froehlich, MA, LPCC

I am profoundly grateful for time spent in the wilderness; processing years of my life and relationships on dirt trails. So many of those miles are responsible for my love and passion for people and career as a psychotherapist.

Alongside the time spent in nature, a significant aspect of my life and strength as a psychotherapist is my emotional and spiritual growth, what I have learned from working with people for nearly two decades, and being in a long-term committed, loving marriage. I am fascinated by the influences of family systems, society, wilderness, how people experience the world, and how personalities, perceptions, and experiences create another layer of whom we each are. I believe that as human beings, we are instinctively drawn toward healing and growth and while incorporating nature in various forms we expedite the process. Think about your time on a trail with a close friend; it was probably similar to a mini-therapy session!

It is an honor to hold a career as a psychotherapist, generating more healing and creating more love. I enjoy teaching people how to better understand themselves, move toward healthy behaviors, create loving relationships, and reclaim wholeness, connection, and a meaningful life. I work from a holistic perspective, blending body-centered psychotherapy, mindfulness, and nature based elements to help individuals and couple's thrive. Sessions involve collaborating on an integrative treatment approach, combining insight, skills-based techniques, and creating objectives to meet goals and help clients understand how their past experiences and relationships shape who they are now. My work is to help people remove the obstacles that stand in the way of healing and one's capacity to be the best and truest version of one's self. Whether an individual comes to therapy with a vague sense that something is not right or an overwhelming sense of pain (or somewhere in between), together we will create a safe space, to put words around your experience, and create possibilities for change.