Being in relationship or romantic partnership is more than just being friends and more than having a sexual relationship. This union is dynamic and meaningful. When a couple falls in love, they invest a part of themselves in a uniquely common way, which presents vulnerability, intimacy, and safety.

In relationship people create a container that influences one’s hopes, challenges, and desires. When the relationship thrives, it leads to an immensely fulfilling life. However, the relationship does not always continue to thrive. Perhaps the relationship is not what was expected, one’s partner is not quite the person imagined, adjustment from single to couple, sexual differences, career changes, financial difficulties, or having a baby. Therefore, this container begins to feel less secure. Ideally, people are able to synchronize with life changes and realign. In some cases, the change may feel as if the container is broken, and the relationship foundation is cracked.

Relationship counseling creates an opportunity for understanding one another’s deeper, unconscious blockages, and patterns in the relationship. This commonly connects to our earliest and most powerful emotional experiences. Through mutual understanding, a couple often finds new strategies for enjoying their relationship.

Talking to a couple’s therapist takes courage! A relationship specialist provides a place where these issues can be explored and expressed without the world coming to an end. My role is to offer a safe and informed space in which difficult feelings can be explored between the couple without judgment or blame.

Couples therapy can also take place outdoors with a nature-based therapy approach. For more information on nature-based therapy visit the Nature Therapy page or click