Shelly helped me learn how to look into myself and recognize some of the deep seated emotions I’ve buried since childhood, to see my patterns and work through to a healthier, happier place.
— J.P.
Our sessions are always evolving- she has so many different approaches to how she can offer her support, and every session is tailored to meet my exact needs. Shelly is consistently present during our sessions. She is an active listener, and I know I am truly being heard throughout our time together.
Shelly is undeniably skilled at her profession, and on top of that, she is an incredibly inspiring, wise and all around amazing human being. The world is a brighter place because people like Shelly exist in it. Her passion for helping others is palpable, and her natural ability to make you feel at ease almost instantly is such a gift. I honestly cannot recommend Shelly enough!
— L.E.
Her outlook and input, and the way she help navigate through sessions has revolutionized the way I navigate within myself. I have been in therapy a few times before and it has never really worked for me because I wasn’t very willing or open. An amazing benefit with working with Shelly is that she will put forth as much effort as I do. There is a equal-ness in discovering on my own and with the guidance of Shelly.
— K.H.
Shelly is simply amazing at what she does. She has a very comforting and calming approach. The setting of the outdoors is new to me for this type of work and I simply LOVE it!
— C.B.
Shelly is a very comfortable and engaging. She is easy to talk to and demonstrates that she really listens. She genuinely cares because she is willing to be adaptable to the situation of her client and do what works best for them. She’s helped me come to an understanding of things that have troubled me for decades, so she is also knowledge and knows how to apply that knowledge. There are lots of people I know I wish would also go to her!
— N.H.