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Therapy is a leap of courage and a significant commitment to yourself and those around you.  You are the ambassador of your mental health! Mental health is achieved through life experiences and managing the happenings of life that unfold before you. Thank you for beginning this journey!

We find immense satisfaction as therapists seeing couples and individuals feel happier, enjoying more fulfilling relationships, and living a more satisfying life. Our support, respect, awareness, trust, mindfulness, and feedback are essential proponents for advantageous life changes in therapy. We commit to offering each person the opportunity for healing, growth, awareness, and improved life satisfaction.

Taking into account the uniqueness of each client, We utilize numerous theories and treatment approaches.  Personal and professional experiences have shown us how emotional and physical symptoms complement one another, and body, mind, spirit are core expressions of human life.  We am honored and humbled to work alongside you through this journey.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way we are able.

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