An extraordinary week!

I think we can all agree, this has been an extraordinary week. People are experiencing a variety of emotions and symptoms such as, anxiety, sleeplessness, avoidance, trauma, loneliness, anger, irritability, nightmares, restlessness, acceptance, and old disturbances are triggered. One thing everyone in our country has in common right now is that we are all living in fear. 

Living in fear, as you know is taxing on the nervous system and like the domino effect will lead to additional and worse symptoms, leading up to PTSD. Many of you are already experiencing PESD (Post-Election Stress Disorder). That’s actually a real thing!

Our bodies are strong and resilient! The reactions you are experiencing are not an indicator that you are weak, incapable, or worthless but an indicates your system is in reaction mode. Your reptilian brain has sent alerts to your amygdala, which in turn messages your nervous system of a perceived danger. Thank goodness we have a brain to help us survive! 

Now what? We must take care of ourselves. Here’s a few options: 1) Determine what is important to you and what you need (sleep, talking, exercise, yelling/screaming, gather more information, join a support group, see your therapist, meditate, etc.), 2) Get in your body. Feel your physical sensations. Avoid challenging conversations; give yourself an hour or a day to not talk about politics. 3) Read Julie Colwell’s blog on how perfect it is Hillary lost the election. Don’t worry, she’s a die-hard Hillary fan! Here’s the link: , 4)  Join us 11/17 at BC3 for an evening of poetry and readings with Andrea Gibson & Megan Falley. Details and link to register on Evolve In Nature’s Facebook page: , 5) Join us for a morning workshop Saturday 11/19 to learn creative, and effective communication as it pertains to the election by Julie Colwell. This will help each of us have conversations with people who have opposing political view points! Details and link to register on Evolve In Nature’s Facebook page:  

I care tremendously about each of you and our greater community. Please reach out for any support and keep yourselves connected with others. We will all get through this….we are stronger together! 

With love,