Happiness During the Holidays

How to Implement Your Happiness During the Holidays

Many people find themselves wrapped up in blankets, cuddling on a cozy couch sometimes in front of a fireplace this time of year. Many of us simmer cider on the stove for that sweet and spicy aroma to sweep through the house. Root vegetables, fresh breads, and savory soups float to the top of cravings list. This time of the year emphasizes connection, love, generosity, gratefulness, and reflection. For some people this time of the year is a reminder of family dysfunction, disconnection, loss, and loneliness. It is also a time some people face end-of-year business deadlines, increased substance use, poor eating habits, darker, colder, and shorter days.

Retailers across the nation are flooding window fronts and every square inch of floor and wall space with anything remotely related to the holidays and what consumers might want to purchase. While, the reduced pricing and beautiful lights and displays are intriguing, many of us notice increased anxiety and stress; our nervous systems are ramping up, reminding us of potential threats, and old memories and experiences are triggered.

This post is to remind you that you are not alone and holiday stress and depression is common. It is imperative to take care of yourself during this season (and always). Here are some ideas for self care:

·      Slow, deep breaths

·      Exercise

·      Walking

·      Eating healthy and consistent meals

·      Getting plenty of rest

·      Yoga

·      Meditation

·      Take a bath

·      Get a massage

·      Practicing and sharing gratitude

·      Speaking your truth


What do I mean by, “Give yourself permission to do what you want and not what you don’t want”? I mean exactly that! What a concept! For generations we preach to one another about how important this time of year is, how family comes together, and all the things in between that we are ‘supposed’ to do. Yikes! What if we started living by what we want rather than what we’re supposed to do? The notion of ‘suppose to’ is someone else’s idea and/or belief. For this holiday season and for every day of the rest of your life, gift and live by your own desires and beliefs!

How to implement your happiness during this holiday season: 1) Ask yourself what is it that you have signed up for and/or are resisting doing, 2) Identify what your wants and don’t wants are, 3) Feel your emotions around these (sad, mad, scared, glad, excited), 4) Set your intentions (i.e.: going to the beach over Thanksgiving break instead of Grandma’s house or going to Grandma’s house instead of the beach) 5) Share your desires with your friends and family, 6) Feel your feelings and allow your friends and family to feel theirs as well as hold their own beliefs around your choices. *Remember, you are only responsible for yourself in this situation and you are an adult and are fully capable of making life choices on your own now! 7) Go do what you want.